Types of Services Offered

All first time meetings are free of charge. Our first meeting will be about setting expectations, discussing goals and desired outcomes, and creating an action plan. To schedule a meeting, please use my contact form on the bottom of the Main page. 

Depending on the format and desired content of the training, the timeline can be anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks. Projects that require research and presentation & content creation will take longer than simple content collection.


General consulting services: $30 per hour

Presentation to small group (less than 15): $180

Presentation to large group (more than 16): $200

Resource assembly: ranging from $30-$70 depending on number of resources needed

Survey development, promotion, and analysis: ranging from $200-$550+ depending on length of survey, respondent population size, and deadline.

The price for my services is based on my experience and education, as well as the time spent researching content and topics, presentation assembly, and training facilitation. 

If there is a service you need that you don't see here, feel free to use my contact form or email me at